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For personalized service and advice, depend on our team of accountants, each with many years of experience in the business. Founded by Bob Leadley and Casey Bruyns in 1988, LB Accountants LLP is a member of Chartered Professional Accounts and All Public Accountants.

Depend on Us For Your Corporate Accounting Needs

The future of your business depends on careful financial planning and organization. Leaving no room for error, we will prepare all your end-of-the-year tax statements and returns. Our lists and calculations will allow you to see the various outcomes that may be achieved. With customized planning, you'll learn how to implement strategies that can help you lower your corporate taxes.

Discover Our Personal Accounting Services

Depend on our team for your personal accounting needs. We can help you with filing a personal tax return or guide you through the complexity of filing several government returns simultaneously. Whether you are self-employed or you own rental property, we can advise you on how to save money through various deductible programs.

We Offer Not-for-Profit Accounting Services As Well

If you belong to a non-profit organization, your unique set of standards requires more sophisticated planning. We monitor your non-profit revenue to ensure the capital is used properly. Opportunities for savings and growth are another vital aspect of business, which is why we will keep you informed on your tax-exempt standing. Also, we will work in conjunction with your board of directors to ensure you've given your best to the community. Contact our accountants today to learn more about our services for all your accounting needs.

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